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The Steinbeis Hochschule Berlin offers a three-year doctoral programme. Thereby we want to enable for committed and skillful professionals to conduct research application-oriented and transfer-oriented. Your research project with a concrete problem definition from practice and colloquia form the framework.

The main elements of the doctoral programme are scientific-methodological competences for business management as well as a sustainable transfer service to the economy. An integral part of this is a research project in which the ability to undertake independent, in-depth scientific research work in the fields of business administration or business and engineering is demonstrated. The research project is commissioned and sponsored by a company or other organization. The project also offers advantages for doctoral candidate, companies and science: The doctoral candidate researches practically, the company benefits from a scientifically founded and unique problem solution and the science receives valuable impulses.

The doctorate at the Steinbeis-Hochschule Berlin is characterized by practice-oriented research, transfer-oriented research management and competent project support. The Steinbeis network is also available to support the acquisition, assistance and transfer. The experts of the university supervise and accompany individually; the colloquia form a central element of the academic community.

The intensive support during the entire duration of the doctoral programme is an integral part of the Steinbeis concept. This concept is characterized by regular meetings with the supervisor and mandatory meetings of the working group.

The program enables participants to achieve excellent research results in the areas targeted.

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  • An above-average university degree (bachelor’s and master’s degree) from the economic sector (university or university of applied sciences, graduation with at least 300 ECTS points)
  • Research-promoting enterprise that provides the research assignment to the university and pays for the research project costs
  • Supervision of the research project by a full-time SHB professor

Application and admission to the programme are possible at any time.
The doctoral regulations contain further information on the doctorate at the SHB.

5 accompanying, optional, 1-day seminars and colloquia.

Through a professor of the Steinbeis-Hochschule Berlin, company-internal support and contact person (if possible)

Research areas & bases for research

General and special Business Studies

  • International Business Studies (Globalization Management, Internationalization, International Business and Management)
  • Strategy, corporate management and organization (leadership, human resources management, project management, innovation management, change management, cooperation management, networking)
  • Marketing (Strategic and Operational Management, Customer Relationship Marketing, Communication Management, Market Research
  • Media and convergence management (media markets and systems, media technology)
  • Financial management (finance and accounting, corporate finance, corporate planning, asset management, finance and investment, real estate finance, risk management, banking economics, financial service, balance sheet management, controlling)

Estimated costs for research projects

45,000 € plus VAT, depending on the research project and effort

Academic degree
Doctor of Economics (Dr. rer. Oec.)

3 years

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Prof. Dr. Bertram Lohmüller


Direktor und Partner

Innovationsmanagement, Strategieentwicklung, Marketing, Erschließung neuer Märkte, Benchmarking, praxisorientierte Managementtrainings, Projektbegleitung, Osteuropäische Märkte.


Tel. 07071/6059850
Email: bertram.lohmueller(at)
Prof. Dr. Rolf Pfeiffer


Direktor und Partner

Unternehmensführung, Marketing, Produkt-Markt-Strategien, Internationale Geschäftstätigkeit, Geschäftsanbahnung im Export, Internationale Personalentwicklung, Produktionsmanagement, Benchmarking, Unternehmensplanspiele.


Tel. 07071/6059846
Email: rolf.pfeiffer(at)
Violetta Sticker, Dipl.-Phil.


Organisation und Verwaltung

Unternehmensführung, Marketing, Produkt-Markt-Strategien, Internationale Geschäftstätigkeit, Geschäftsanbahnung im Export, Internationale Personalentwicklung, Produktionsmanagement, Benchmarking, Unternehmensplanspiele.


Tel. 07071/6059840
Email: violetta.sticker(at)
Cornelia Röhm


Studierendenbüro, Verwaltung

Betreuung von Studierenden und Dozenten, Terminplanung & Koordination, Seminaranmeldungen, Administration


Tel. 07071/6059852
Email: cornelia.roehm(at)
Petra Lohmüller, M.A.



Internationale Forschungsprojekte

Tel. 07071/6059852
Email: petra.lohmueller(at)
Norbert Wagemann, M. Sc.



CTO  Institut für nachhaltige Ressourcennutzung & Erneuerbare Energien | nReEn

Email: norbert.wagemann(at)
Dr. Alexander Petrikhin


Wiss. Mitarbeiter

Projekt Biomasse Donau-Delta

Email: alexander.petrikhin(at)
Denys Vynogradskyi, M.Sc. Mechanical engineering


Wiss. Mitarbeiter

Project Upcycling Holz-Palette

Email: denis.vinogradskiy(at)
Rysgul Baltabayeva, M.Sc. Chemie


Wiss. Mitarbeiterin

Projekt Astacus

Email: rysgul.baltabayeva(at)
Eugen Breining, Dipl.-Ing.


Projekmanagement, Konzeptentwicklung
Email: eugen.breining(at)
Dr. Andreas Frost

Schwerpunkte: Internationales Recht, Konfliktlösung durch Mediation, Schlichtung und Rechtsstreitigkeiten, Claim Management, Durchführung von ADR-Verfahren, Änderungsmanagement.

Maria Lazareva
Wiss. Mitarbeiterin

Projekt “Präsenz EnergyTech India”

Email: maria.lazareva(at)
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