M.Sc. International Management with Emphasis on Technology Management

A project integrated study course with a duration of 24 months

This master course is supporting companies and students in their global business development, technology transfer and especially in their international business activities. The current degree program is always pivoted around a unique project at the interface of technology and management that is developed by each student. This means that our sustainable educational concept has customized, adaptable and flexible concept, considering the requirements and conditions of each particular business situation (students’ professional background, organizational peculiarities of the sponsoring company, training objectives, etc.).

Certificate Name Master of Science International Management | Emphasis on Technology Management
Certificate Issued By Steinbeis-Hochschule Berlin (SHB)
Program Director Prof. Bertram Lohmüller, Ph.D.
Program Faculty Program directors and faculty members deputed as per their discretion. Select guest faculty may also be invited for the program.
Duration The duration of the study programme is 24 months. 10 days visits to German hidden champions.
Who Should Attend / Target Segment Candidates who are involved in international management

Candidates with a project

Candidates from all faculties with a project related to the area of e.g., international management, business development, innovation and technology management

Pedagogy Each module will be taught with the help of relevant and live examples and general discussions. Th eprogramme is conducted as a residential course in Germany and as an online course abroad
Project The program is related to a project from a company or organisation. This project gives the framework for the study program and the student has to write transfer papers/project papers and a master thesis related to this project.
Objective Our main goal is to provide up-to-date knowledge in the field of global management and leadership for companies and organisations and train them in the use of the IMLead®-concept of integrated management and leadership. This approach ensures innovation, organizational competitiveness, sustainable business development, a high degree of adaptability and, at the same time, corporate stability.
Structure 100 training days consisting of compulsory attendance, webinars, web-based trainings, general business simulation LearnSim®, project simulation SimulTrain®, visits to hidden champions

99 days self-learning

201 days project and transfer work

2 written examinations, 6 transfer papers, 6 project term papers and 1 master thesis

Modules Practical corporate management

Socio scientific issues

Framework research

Objectives, strategy, marketing & sales

Finance management

International business development according to the IMLead® concept

Personal development

Organisational behaviour & development

Technology management

Master thesis

Program Format The ‘project-competence’ degree programme is a job-integrated study programme with compulsory attendance courses, webinars and e-learning plus self-study and project papers. The master programme is based on a real-life project that a student receives from a supervising company. The project is then developed by the student during the whole study period. The courses are used to deliver theoretical knowledge and help students develop their competences in the use of methods important to accomplish the project in question. Students are supported and supervised by internationally active professors and experts.
Program Schedule Webinars for 1:30 hours (maximum 4 webinars on one day).

Residential seminars

Study tour

Group work for case studies and simulations

The exact day and session time are given in the framework schedule

Evaluation Methodology The two examinations are made in residential courses in facilities of SGIT

Examination/evaluation of transfer papers and master thesis is conducted by SGIT

Admission Format 1)    Application form with all requested documents (CV, degrees, project information, etc.), see also application platform academyFIVE

2)    after formal approval by Steinbeis University student gets an invitation to a test mini case study

3)    personal (skype) interview between student and Steinbeis professor

4)    after successful test and interview signing of the study contract and enrolment at Steinbeis University.

Degree ´M.Sc. International Management’, 120 credit points

Our graduates have a chance to get an employment visa in Germany and further study for a doctoral degree

Instructors Professors and experts from the practical field, experienced in academic education
Place Residential trainings: Location is Stuttgart/Tübingen

Online courses:  Studio location is Stuttgart/Tübingen

Language English

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Prof. Dr. Bertram Lohmüller


Direktor und Partner

Innovationsmanagement, Strategieentwicklung, Marketing, Erschließung neuer Märkte, Benchmarking, praxisorientierte Managementtrainings, Projektbegleitung, Osteuropäische Märkte.


Tel. 07071/6059850
Email: bertram.lohmueller(at)steinbeis.education
Prof. Dr. Rolf Pfeiffer


Direktor und Partner

Unternehmensführung, Marketing, Produkt-Markt-Strategien, Internationale Geschäftstätigkeit, Geschäftsanbahnung im Export, Internationale Personalentwicklung, Produktionsmanagement, Benchmarking, Unternehmensplanspiele.


Tel. 07071/6059846
Email: rolf.pfeiffer(at)steinbeis.education
Violetta Sticker, Dipl.-Phil.


Organisation und Verwaltung

Unternehmensführung, Marketing, Produkt-Markt-Strategien, Internationale Geschäftstätigkeit, Geschäftsanbahnung im Export, Internationale Personalentwicklung, Produktionsmanagement, Benchmarking, Unternehmensplanspiele.


Tel. 07071/6059840
Email: violetta.sticker(at)steinbeis.education
Cornelia Röhm


Studierendenbüro, Verwaltung

Betreuung von Studierenden und Dozenten, Terminplanung & Koordination, Seminaranmeldungen, Administration


Tel. 07071/6059852
Email: cornelia.roehm(at)steinbeis.education
Petra Lohmüller, M.A.



Internationale Forschungsprojekte

Tel. 07071/6059852
Email: petra.lohmueller(at)steinbeis.education
Norbert Wagemann, M. Sc.



CTO  Institut für nachhaltige Ressourcennutzung & Erneuerbare Energien | nReEn

Email: norbert.wagemann(at)stw.de
Dr. Alexander Petrikhin


Wiss. Mitarbeiter

Projekt Biomasse Donau-Delta

Email: alexander.petrikhin(at)steinbeis.education
Denys Vynogradskyi, M.Sc. Mechanical engineering


Wiss. Mitarbeiter

Project Upcycling Holz-Palette

Email: denis.vinogradskiy(at)steinbeis.education
Rysgul Baltabayeva, M.Sc. Chemie


Wiss. Mitarbeiterin

Projekt Astacus

Email: rysgul.baltabayeva(at)steinbeis.education
Eugen Breining, Dipl.-Ing.


Projekmanagement, Konzeptentwicklung
Email: eugen.breining(at)steinbeis.education
Dr. Andreas Frost

Schwerpunkte: Internationales Recht, Konfliktlösung durch Mediation, Schlichtung und Rechtsstreitigkeiten, Claim Management, Durchführung von ADR-Verfahren, Änderungsmanagement.

Maria Lazareva
Wiss. Mitarbeiterin

Projekt “Präsenz EnergyTech India”

Email: maria.lazareva(at)steinbeis.education
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